In 2015, my word for EF#1 was “MOVE” (related article : EF#1 – MOVE).

In short, I wrote that “as everything in our lives have two sides, either the good or the bad ones, “move” has it too, like “move on”, “move forward”, or even “move back”, but I’m trying to concentrate in the good sides as I want it could happen in my life in 2015″. 

“What is your word for 2016?” is the first BEC’s challenge in 2016.

If I were asked to choose one word to describe 2016, I think it will be “FOCUS”.

Yes, focus. 

In Merriam-Webster, one of simple definition of focus is “a main purpose or interest”. Well, it doesn’t mean I didn’t focus in my life for so long, I just feel that I need to be more focused in everything. That’s all.

As I write this post, I’m searching picture about “focus” and find this one.


In my (humble) opinion, staying focused can be really tough with so many things which demanding our attention. I ever read an article said that understanding the limitations of our brains could improve our productivity and our focus. What do you think about it?

Featured Image = http://quotesgram.com/stay-focused-quotes/


Ws 😉


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