EF#1 – Move

After I read Mba Nella’s post, I decided to join the BEC (Blog English Club). To be honest, I’m quite happy to find such kind of this club; it reminds me about my English club in High School which is called as ESC (English Study Club) 🙂

As stated in Mas Ryan’s post, Mba Nita’s post, and Mas Dani’s post, there will be theme for the post in each week, and the theme for January 2015 are :

(a) Jan 9th, 2015 – The theme is 2015 in one word. Describe 2015 in one word.

(b) Jan 16th, 2015 – The theme is book of 2014. Which one is your favorite and why.

(c) Jan 23rd, 2015 – The theme is about song. What is your 2014 soundtrack?

(d) Jan 30th, 2015 – It is a recap time by Mas Dani.

Taken from Google
MOVE (via Google)

Today is Jan 9th, 2015, so I have a challenge to make a post about describing 2015 in one word. To be honest, I wanna use “focus” or “learning” but both of it have been used by Mas Ryan and Mas Dani. Keep thinking for a moment, I guess the appropriate word of 2015 (for myself) is “move”. Why? Scroll down, you’ll find it 🙂

In Google Translate, “move” means “go in a specified direction or manner; change position” (verb), “change or cause to change from one state, opinion, sphere, or activity to another” (verb), and “a change of place, position, or state” (noun).

As everything in our lives have two sides, either the good or the bad ones, “move” has it too, like “move on”, “move forward”, or even “move back”. But I’m trying to concentrate in the good sides, as I want it could happen in my life in 2015. Amen 🙂

Keep move on in your positive ways and keep move forward for the best that you can do! 

UPDATE, Jan 12th, 2015 :

The theme for Jan 16th, 2015 – Wildest Dream (as updated in Mas Dani’s post😀


Ws 😉


  1. this post reminds me the quote that I used to write on my diary (jaman dulu banget ya diary) when I was in senior high school. “Stop looking back and start movig on” . 😀 *remembering the beautiful moment


  2. Wien, many thanks for reminding me. Your post already added.
    A great post for the challenge, guess that I have to move into positive direction as well. Many thanks again for joining the challenge and oh by the way we change the theme challenge. So sorry. Next Friday the challenge will be what is your wildest dream?


    • You’re most welcome, Mas Dani.
      Ah, don’t praise me that much, I’m not a good writer though, just try to share my thinking to others 😀
      Well yes, we have to (always) keep in the positive direction as long as we can do that. Indirectly, my post will become my own reminder too, haha..
      Yes, I’ve read it in your post.. “Wildest dream”, sounds great 🙂


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