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Our world isn’t bizarre for a thing called as “technology”. The entity of technology has become “best friend” for many people. Social media, updated software, latest program, you name it. We pride ourselves on being able to function as efficiently as clicking the button because we are raised by technology. One question : do we realize about the impacts?

In line with the development in technology today, we are probably already familiar with many things milling about in cyberspace. Regarding to EF 16.6 : “Managing Your Online Presence”, I’m familiar with Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, WordPress, and Path – which I dislike. I was familiar with the old social media also, from mIRC to Myspace or Friendster. And it doesn’t include community forums I’ve ever joined.

I typed my name in Google once; the full name and the nickname. It was few years ago and I found out that I was surprised with the result. The whole page was about me and my identity. I’ll be okay if my identity was appeared from the database of school and university where I studied once,  but it didn’t happen in that way. I was the creator and I was fully shocked with that situation when some of my friends typed my name – and their name – in Google. In conclusion, cyberspace (such as Google) will remember us; it will recall and retrace every single thing that created by us or other people (about us). It will stay forever. It’s called as digital footprint.

Realize with the shocking moments, I decided to restrict the usage of my personal identity in social media and in cyberspace. I deleted my passive and not-so-important accounts. Further, my personal identity belongs to my close relatives and friends also so I try to control it as well. I’m kind of people who believes about “two sides of coins”; the positive and the negative sides. I don’t sweat the small stuff if others explain and elaborate about their thoughts (mostly about objection or curiosity), because I have mine too. I’ve been thinking about the impact before I share something on social media, including this blog.


You could agree nor disagree with my post. Told you, I don’t sweat the small stuff, haha.. But you can spend your lil’ time to read the article about positive and negative effects of social media on society. Also the article about pros and cons of ‘sharenting’. If you don’t know about ‘sharenting’, it’s about parents who blog, tweet, and post pictures about all aspects of their children’s lives (copied from the article). Sooner or later, the boundaries between the real world and the virtual will be even thinner if we can’t control it anymore. I just want my online presence keep in my online presence’s world, not in my real life.

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Ws 😉


  1. I also love to google myself…funny things I found :, how careful we are to what we post, we cannot control anything posted by our friends or institutions…so you must choose your friend wisely..wkwkwk


    • Institutions usually provide our basic data only, for example our ID number, our full name, and our major. On the contrary, choosing friend wisely won’t give any guarantee ’cause they’ve right to talk about us as well, haha.. Thanks for comment, Fee.


  2. so far kalo gua masih berasa nyaman2 aja sih sama dunia maya. walaupun beberapa kali ada kejadian pencurian foto dan identitas di facebook tapi so far bisa diselesaikan.


  3. Hallo Wien. Yup, you’re right.. sooner or later (or should i say.. it’s here already), the boundaries between the real world and the virtual worlds are gradually lessen. In more complicated situation, there may be someone else who can control our virtual life…


  4. Horror sebenarnya.. tapi yah hari gini, rada susah kalau aku.. Eh tapi yah, ada gunanya juga, kalo dulu lagi ada gebetan, bisa lah searchign by name, dapat semuanya.. hahaha.. #mantanstalker


  5. aku pun suka googling nama sendiri Wien. Lebih buat ngecek rekam jejak di dunia maya dan pengingat supaya apa yang private tetep private. Termasuk kalau cerita kegalauan di blog 😆


  6. Pada saat sedang rehat dua sosmed seperti sekarang ini, aku “dipaksa” untuk ngerem diri sendiri untuk tidak terbiasa share apapun didunia maya. Ampuh sih, sekarang jadi terbiasa segala sesuatunya pakai rem. Ya apa yang mau dipamer, IG dan FB sudah tutup haha. Kalau diblog kan ada editornya pak suami. Jadi segala tulisan yang akan dipublish diblog itu sudah melalui hasil diskusi bersama. Jadi masing2 tahu apa2 yg bisa ditulis atau sebaliknya. Tapi yg aku sekarang sebel itu kalau googling namaku yang masih muncul namaku ikutan tes CPNS disebuah departemen. Itu daftar dari website mereka. Keselnya jejak digitalku tahun 2007 masih muncul sampai sekarang padahal bukan aku yg taruh.


    • Bisa karena biasa ya mba Den. Wih mantap sekali punya personal editor gitu. Iya kalau database dari lembaga memang biasanya bakalan tetap stay disitu si mba. Namaku juga sekarang masih ada 😦


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