Sunday Morning

Good morning people. Happy Sunday!

Sitting on the red bench, I’m typing this post in Soekarno-Hatta’s airport, waiting for my flight while trying to resist my drowsiness. Alone. Haha.. #inibukancurcol

This week has become one of the most hectic week since I have to finish 3/4 of my stuffs and obligations before proposed my off for a week. The substitute staffs can’t help because it’s about money and achievements. Sensitive stuff, isn’t it? That’s why I can’t reply all comments nor blogwalking. I’m not a hurry-scurry person; always try to comprehend every words.

Or even finish my drafts. I’ll find time to post it as soon as possible.Β But of course, my Instagram still go on ’til now, haha..Β 

I’m so sleepy now. Lack of sleep for more than 10 days have reduced my stamina. Hopefully, I won’t feel dizzy or jetlag in this 1,5 hours flight.

I’m ready to go home…


Ws πŸ˜‰



  1. Have a safe flight! Sama, saya juga kemarin-kemarin sibuk banget dan tak sempat berbuat banyak soal blog… kita mesti belajar pengelolaan waktu nih :hehe. Tapi dijalani saja Mbak… saya yakin kita pasti bisa :hehe.


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