Anti Mainstream

Do you know about “anti-mainstream”?

Mainstream itself means “those which are popular with most people, something which is familiar, usual, or very common in our environment”.ย In Thesaurus, the synonyms for “mainstream” are “normal, general, standard, current, regular, common, accepted, popular”. Vice versa, the antonyms are “abnormal, unusual, eccentric, extraordinary, irregular, uncommon, exceptional, rare”.

I want to talk about it because I’m often considered as the “anti-mainstream person” by many people. Nevertheless, I don’t want to heed about it since I like to do everything that I like (in positive ways) and it doesn’t disturb other people’s live ๐Ÿ˜›

What’s the reason? Please read it :

  • I know too much about soccer whereas I’m a woman (Related article : Bola)
  • I prefer buying books to fashionable women clothes.
  • I don’t have a pouch of makeup tools except Pigeon’s face powder, Revlon’s satin brown eye-shadow (my mom gave it to me), Body Shop’s coral blush-on (it was a birthday gift), and lots of lipsticks, but seldom to use it.
  • I wear flat shoes and slippers almost everyday.
  • I wear my watch to the right hand.
  • I will choose shirt and shorts than flowery dresses (Related article : EF#11 – OOTD)
  • I love the old songs and seldom to hear the common songs (Related article : The Songs)
  • I dislike Korean movies and won’t attend the concert of Korean’s boy band.
  • I will say yes to boiled, steamed, herbs, stewed foods and seldom to eat the fried and fatty foods.
  • I’m feeling good with oats, chia seeds, granola, wheat bread, and organic rice. (Related article :ย Ramuan Kesukaan)
  • My current cell phone brand is Sony.
  • I like to drink warm mineral water, warm black tea, raw honey, and ginseng.ย (Related article : #GerakanMinumAirPutih)
  • I will not spend hours for late night shopping.
  • Probably, I know about “the trending topics” in social media but I will not become “the trending followers”.
  • Women tend to like the color of pink, red, or white but mine is royal blue.
  • Women tend to like Barbie or brownie bear or cute cow or ribbon pinky pig, but mine is penguin.

That’s my recapitulation and I’ll add it if I find the other ones.. Haha..

For years, many people have described and considered that I’m a weirdo. I was a bit annoyed at the time but it’s their right to think like that. We can’t control other’s brain but we have to control ours. The way we give our reaction will decide many things later. Agree with my statement? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Let’s think aboutย Thomas Alva Edison, The Wright Brothers, Albert Einstein, John Nash, Victor Hugo, David Mitchell, J.J. Abrams, James Cameron, John Woo, Ang Lee, Michael Bay, Christopher Nolan, and many more. I always think they are the symbols of “anti-mainstream people”. They are the “brand image” of it. Dare to be different and described as the weirdos, they have given so many great things in our life. Oh Star Wars, I wanna watch you ๐Ÿ˜›

Hence, I will not sweat it as it’s only a small stuff, isn’t it? There are still many people who think that I’m not a weirdo. The most important thing is I do not live in people’s way. I have my own way and I’m happy with it. I’m happy with my nickname as well. “The anti-mainstream Wiwien”. I think it’s quite cool, hahaย ๐Ÿ˜€

Live and let live!ย 

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  1. Semakin ke sini gw semakin mikir kayaknya mainstream thingy udah bukan lagi pakem yang harus diikuti dan semakin banyak orang toleran buat yang anti mainstream. Hihihi. Just do it as along as it is good.


  2. Hahaha, cici gak suka istilah anti mainstream. Terus di socmed ini banyaakkkk banget org ngaku2 anti mainstream cuma supaya dipandang unik, pdhl ternyata ehhhh mainstream juga hahaha. List km yg di atas itu, 70 persennya mencakup kebiasaan cici jg. So, apakah cici artinya anti mainstream? hahaha, apparently not ye.


    • Hahaha.. Awalnya rada kaget juga dipanggil begitu sama beberapa orang ci, tapi lama-lama jadi terbiasa. Kalau saya lihat, kebanyakan orang jadi “tertipu” dengan arti di balik kata itu, biasanya karena peer pressure. Sayang sekali si, jadi engga punya pendirian begitu. Kasarnya, apa-apa ikutin orang, lah kenapa kalau berbeda?
      Cici sendiri kenapa engga suka istilah itu?


  3. Pada dasarnya sekarang kebanyakan yang mainstream itu akhirnya cuman sekadar ikut-ikutan ya bukan memang dari hatinya. Contohnya fenomena batu akik ๐Ÿ˜€ *lah. Kalau emang nggak suka sama yang mainstream ngapain juga maksain yak.
    Aku suka listnya, beberapa hampir sama kita… apakah kita berdua bisa disebut mainstream di dunia kita ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€


  4. Yang penting bahagia menjadi diri sendiri, udah deh :hehe. Mau dikatakan sama dengan apa yang dilakukan orang lain, mau dibilang beda dari orang-orang kebanyakan, menurut saya tidak jadi urusan selama saya nyaman dengan apa yang saya lakoni. Meski dibilang mainstream tapi sayanya nyaman ya tak apa-apa, kalau saya nyaman melakukan sesuatu dan itu dibilang anti-mainstream juga terima kasih :hihi.


  5. Oh Sayang sekali, sepertinya saya harus cari kembali kamus translate untuk mengeri arti tulisan diatas.. ๐Ÿ˜†
    Saya rasa istilah “Anti Mainstream” ini muncul ketika ada banyak orang yang melakukan hal yang sedang trend, apapun hal baru yang menurut mereka menarik maka mereka akan berbondong-bondong untuk melakukannya. Kalau tidak dilakukan, mereka sendiri yang mengklaim diri mereka dengan istilah “Kurang Update”.
    Jadi ada sebagian orang yang tidak ingin bergabung dengan mereka yang katanya mengikuti trend ini, bahkan sebagian orang ini melakukan kebalikan dari hal yang sedang trend ini. Maka mereka menyebutnya sebagai “Anti Maintream”.
    Saya pribadi suka melakukan hal-hal yang tidak dilakukan oleh kebanyakan orang lain. tentu tetap dalam jalur yang benar. Karena melakukan apa yang kebanyakan orang lain lakukan tidak akan membuat diri kita menjadi spesial.


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