EF#33 : 10 Years From Now

10 years from now… December 4th, 2025.

Although my late grandfather taught me that I can have anything that my mind can conceive and I always try to set my own goals since I was a kid, but I don’t have the grandiose wishes for my life.

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I have some bucket lists but it’s only “a bucket list”. It’s only “dreams” that I hope I could have during my lifetime. It isn’t a big deal, afterall. The “grandiose wishes” here means “something big that I have to achieve in years ahead”. You may call it as “big ambitions” or “big goals”. Yes, I don’t have it. I have my own ambition. I have my own goal. But it isn’t big at all.

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Dear me, ten years from now would be different from many sides. You may set your “ten years goals” but you have to set it wisely. Remember, being grandiose is part of your bucket lists, it isn’t the part of your goals. You just need to let it flows like water without interrupt it. You just need to control without force the rhythm in it. You just need to enjoy it. Will you?

I hope you will have had a better paths in your career. I hope you will have had your own business. I hope you will have done one of your bucket lists. I hope you will have built a happy family with your loved ones who will be the best partner for the rest of your life. Last but not the least, I hope you will have had a happier life and always remember to keep thankful for everything.


Ws 😉

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  1. I just wish that in 10 years, everyone will be better than who they are now. The same goes for you, too, as I do hope that all of your dreams will come true :hehe. Thank you for sharing this with us, this is a nice post!


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