Honestly, I feel so happy, loved, and blessed on my 27th birthday. It’s my best birthday after all these years. I’m beyond happy, really happy, even until today! Surrounded by the good people, got special surprises right on 12 am and 5 pm, lots of good wishes and unpredictable presents. What else can I expect?

My 27th birthday cake

“To be a better person each day in every aspect of my life”, that’s my prayer, that’s my wish, that’s my intention.

And one thing for sure, turning 27 doesn’t mean it’s my crisis year (the statement comes out after I read an article from a friend, you can click it here). Honestly, I ever thought about being 3 years away from 30 will be something noteworthy. It has happened to me but I know that I don’t have any reason to worry about it. My logic mind will say something. Why should I worry about my 30 and my future? I’ve an opinion that 27 and 30 are numbers only. The most important thing is your action in those numbers. Have you walk in the right pathways and prepare for your next life? Have you do something good to others? Also, I do believe that God’s got a plan for my life and that’s all I need to know. 

How about feeling old or to be old? I’ll keep laughing for this question. We can’t avoid it, can we? But one thing for sure, we are never too old to be young at heart 😉

So dear people, bunch of thanks for the wishes and the presents. May the wishes be yours too. Don’t forget to join my very first giveaway, haha..

Photo Gallery :

Surprise on 12 am
Blow the blue candles
Happy me. Happy them. Happy us.
Unpredictable present part one. It’s blue vacuum tumbler and blue floral dress!
Surprise on 5 pm. There’s special yet private unpredictable present part two.
Unpredictable present part three. Reading lamp!


Ws 😉




  1. Happy belated birthday Mbak, wish all the best for you :)). Semoga sehat selalu, panjang umur, makin dewasa, sukses dalam karir dan semua bagian kehidupan yang lain :)). GBU!


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