EF#19 – The Memorable One


To be honest, I’ve looked for the proper description for days before I make my BEC’s weekly challenge. It’s adjective and one of the meaning is “worthy to be remembered”. Another meaning is “very important or remarkable”. It has several synonyms such as unforgettable, meaningful, important, interesting, extraordinary, etc. I assume that “the memorable one” as same as “the most memorable”. In my life, I always try to appreciate every relationship that I have, be it with my family or other people even those who are considered “special”. All of these relationships will remain etched in my brain, it will form the series called memory, and one of them is about my grandfather. I call him “Akong”.

I don’t have paternal grandparents because they had died before I was born, but I have grandparents on my mother’s side, eventhough Akong has died few years ago. Akong was the first child, the oldest and the most respected child. After the death of his parents, he became the family’s backbone. He didn’t take proper education in his time. For the survival of his brothers and sisters, he worked from dawn to night, and it’s continued when he married my Amah (grandmother) and had children, one of them is my mother. And hey! He can even cook and played his Chinese abacus😉

As far as I can remember, everything which I passed with Akong was very pleasant. After school, I had lunch and took my nap in his house. In the evening, we sat together in front of television, ate plums together while watched the Chinese opera. Although I didn’t understand the Chinese opera’s language, but it was meaningful to me. Very meaningful.

I didn’t like the smell of his body when he returned home from the market or his snoring act during his sleep, but he taught me lessons of life; you can have anything that your mind can conceive. He wasn’t really smart but he was kindhearted, loyal, and truthful. He wasn’t rich nor tycoon but he always kept his money to help others. He always said, no matter how successful you are, you will always have a responsibility to help others. He can’t speak Bahasa Indonesia fluently but he had a lot of pride about his family. 

He died in 2006. He has gone but he is unforgettable. He is my memorable one..


Ws 😉


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