EF#18 – Complicated Relationship

As I’ve written in this post, there is no complexity in life if there is no effort for it, and it also applies in our relationship as human being. That is my humble opinion 🙂

But well, to fulfill the BEC’s Weekly Challenge, I have to make a post about “Complicated Relationship”. What a (quite) tricky theme, haha.. 

Basically, relationship can get complicated for a lot of reasons, and sometimes people tend to think like that. Even with yourself, you can have the most complicated relationship ever. I don’t want blame on Facebook for the “it’s complicated” status like Mas Dani said in his post. If I have to blame about it, I will blame us as human being who like to complicate our life. That simple habit has become “an idea” for other people to create a new theory about “complicated relationship” or “it’s complicated”. Haha..

In life, you and I – all of us – will be hurt at some point. Nobody wants to be hurt. Nobody wants to be lonely. Nobody wants to be cry. “It takes two to tango” but we can’t please anyone for everything, can we? Men tend to say that (all) women are complicated. Vice versa, women will say the similar ones too. Complicated relationship will emerge if there is the unfulfilled satisfaction (read : dissatisfaction) with an existing relationship. Do you agree? 🙂

But actually, a complicated relationship doesn’t mean always bad. I’m sorry in the advance for saying this, but this is my opinion. I’m defining complicated relationship as you are going to confront with obstacles but all yet you will survive from all of it (if you are willing to). I’ve met people from many backgrounds who like to complicate their complicated relationship and they will live in the circle without thinking to overcome it. If you have a complicated relationship, it’s better to discuss about the solution than keep focus on the complexity. Get my point?

Via Google

I have faced several complicated relationships with others but then I realized that I can’t stop the movement since everyone is very complicated 😛 I don’t want to get stress of it, stress isn’t good for the health of our brain and our soul. On the other hand, I can’t force people to work in my line, I don’t want to force or to be forced. That’s why, I don’t want to expect too much from others 🙂


Ws 😉


  1. Indeeed. ahahaahaha. Never thought that my name will appear here though 😛
    Will try to make my life less comolicated and less drama then 😛


  2. Yang penting tetap optimis ya, kalau ketemu hubungan yang rumit dan merumitkan. Santai saja, jodoh memang mesti dicari tapi jodoh juga tidak akan lari ke mana, dengan catatan kalau sudah jodoh :haha.
    Great post!


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