EF#16 – Values From A Tale

Today is Friday and it’s a day for BEC’s weekly challenge again. I have a challenge to post an article about values from Indonesian tale. As Europe is famous for its fairytales, Indonesia also has many tales that usually called as “cerita rakyat” or folklore. When I was a child, I used to read the folklore books and one of them was “Semangka Emas” or “The Golden Watermelon”. It’s one of the well-known story from West Kalimantan.

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Once upon a time, lived one of the wealthiest tradesman in Sambas region who had two sons, Muzakir and Dermawan. Although they were brothers but they had different attitudes. Muzakir was very penurious and he was reluctant to spend his money for any purpose. On the contrary, Dermawan was very generous and he wasn’t reluctant to spend his money for the benefit of his families and other people. One day, Dermawan became poor because most of his wealth has been donated to others. When he heard the news, Muzakir laughed and thought his brother was a fool.

One day, when Dermawan was sitting in his house yard, a bird suddenly fell of in front of him. It was a wounded bird. Dermawan took care and fed the bird. After recovery, the bird came back to visit Dermawan and gave a seed to him. It was an ordinary seed but Dermawan received it with a big smile and he planted the seed in his yard. Three days later, the ordinary seed started to grow as a watermelon tree. Dermawan took care of the tree and he assumed the tree would produce many fruits since it was so fertile. In fact, only one turned to fruit, it grew bigger than any watermelon but the smell was fragrant. When the harvest time arrived, Dermawan struggled to bring the watermelon because it was very heavy. He took a knife and started to cleave the watermelon. Dermawan was very shocked when he realized the contents of watermelon was yellow sand. But after he noticed in earnest, he realized it was the pure gold sand. Then he bought a big house with a big garden and fed the poor people in his neighbourhood.

In short, Muzakir was jealous with Dermawan. He commanded his servants to find a wounded bird. He took care and fed the bird too as Dermawan did, but he was pretend when he did it. In the end, the bird gave him seed too, and he planted the seed in his yard. The tree was very lush and leafy, and it also bore only one fruit which was bigger than once owned by Dermawan. When the harvest time arrived, Muzakir cleaved the watermelon by himself, but he was very shocked when he realized the contents of his watermelon wasn’t pure gold sand but black mud mixed with stinky dirt, and it flushed out to his face. Muzakir ran to the street because he couldn’t stand the watermelon’s smell. Many people laughed at him.

compassionate and thankful
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From the story above, we are taught to be a compassionate people and always remember to help others. More than that, we are taught not to be a stingy nor greedy person because basically wealth and treasures are our “temporary deposits” from God. The key is keep thankful for what we have, no matter how small it is.


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  1. Nice, mbak Wien. It is the first time I read this story. I learn not to be stingy, but of course I won’t wait for a bird came with a magic seed. 🙂 God have many ways to response what we have done. 😎


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