EF#11 – OOTD

Well, okay.. First of all, please forgive me for being late. I know it’s too late to submit the EF#11 Weekly Challenge. I know I should submit it on last Friday but I just got time to post it now. And I know, I have missed about nine challenges. My first was “MOVE” and I didn’t continue the challenges ’til now. So please, forgive me. It’s better late than never, isn’t it? 😀

OOTD stands for Outfit Of The Day. It’s really happening in social medias such as Instagram and Pinterest. By this abbreviation (or just call it as hashtag), every person could become “the sudden models”; every person could express his/her ideas about fashion (of that day). And now, I’ve to write something about it, something that’s unfamiliar for myself. Unfamiliar because I never do the thing called as “OOTD”. Haha..

As the beginning, I have to say that I’m not the OOTD-ers. I’m not a fashionable woman to be. I will not spend hours for clothes and jewelries only. It’s better to spend my (quality) times with sleep, read books, tea-time, have a chat with friends, walk around, or watch the DVDs. I do not read the fashion books or magazines. I do not watch the fashion channels. I do not attend the fashion festivals. I will not wait for the late-night-shopping. I’m really far from it, but I’m happy with it. 

So, to be honest, this weekly challenge is one of the most difficult theme for me, I think. And to be honest again, I can’t find the (most) appropriate (head to toe) photo for this post, except this one.

cnw (165)

Please don’t judge. That’s the original ones, I don’t edit it even just a little bit. That’s me. The old me, and that’s me until now. That’s my OOTD. Time goes by, I still in love with T-shirt, shorts (especially the jeans), short hair, and sling bag. Anyway, I wear crocs or flat shoes as the foot wear. But well, there’s little bit differences between the past and today. I’m wearing my watch on the right hand now, not on the left anymore. And I’m in love with soccer jersey for woman too. You can find the photo at here.

So, that’s my OOTD outside working hours, of course. I’m happy with it. I feel comfortable with it. After all, the best thing in life is being yourself, isn’t it? 🙂


Ws 😉


  1. That’s okay to post late. At least it would push you to write in English.
    You seem comfort with that. So no judging here. For me it is all about comfort.


  2. If I may ask, why did you change your watch’s hand, from left to right? I’m just curious :hehe.
    I agree with Mr. Admin (:haha), you looked enjoyed the situation so much.


    • Thanks a lot, Gara.
      Haha, don’t be too curious 😛
      I don’t have any reason, actually. Just tried it and felt it better on the left hand, haha..


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