I’m missing my blog, really miss it. Seems that there are sooo many things (around me) which are trying to disturb or even ban me to write my new post. And to be honest, I still have stack of unread books, haha.. 

As time goes by, December has come, dudes.. 

Anyway, December gets its name from “Decem”. The meaning is “ten” in the Latin word. I ever read an article that stated the Roman Calendar began in March and ended in December. So, it was only 10 months in the Roman Calendar, minus January and February. Further, the Roman Calendar consisted only 304 days, not 365 days as we have today. For more information about the Roman Calendar, you can open this link.

One thing for sure, I do not really like December. It isn’t because Indonesia doesn’t have snow or I will meet the Christmas Day again or I have to spend money for several (important) people’s birthday. It is more because I have to realize that the ‘current’ year almost meet the finish line, and when it happens, I have to spend my own time to think about the resolutions that I haven’t achieve. Also, I have to think about my-next-year-resolutions.

When you spend your time to think over about what you have done or what you have got in the ‘current’ year, it could be a moment of truth which full of grateful or disappointment.

I, myself can be in the between of it. That is all because I think I’m a human being and that is we called as ‘humane’. For every failure that I have had, somehow I always think that ‘I could be better than this’. I could feel the anger in myself, the disappointment, or even the desperation. I could be so angry to myself, and to be honest, it seems my nadir has come. 

But in every seconds of those feelings, I always try to keep 1% of my positive thinking in my mind. 1% seems so little, but if you keep it from day to day, it will grow by itself. Besides, I also have a phrase from my beloved mother that become my talisman : “it isn’t about you can or you cannot, it is more about you want or you don’t want”. 

Since I was a kid, I always set my own goals and always strive hard to do it. Goals will decide the way I think, the thing I do, and the aim behind everything. As long as I struggle hard to reach the goals, I always try to learn (and remember) about thankful. Yes, thankful for everything that I have done and everything that I have got, as well as learning about holding on and letting go.

So people, happy December to you!

Let’s set our positive goals and keep thankful 🙂

May all of you are captivated by the warmth of this month, full of blessing and loves.


Ws 😉


  1. Hi Wien. It’s really nice to spend my time with blogwalking in your blog.
    Thank you for your sharing and thank you for reminding myself about thankful and being so humane.
    All the best.


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