Busy is a new happy

Been so busy in this few days, I started to think that I need ( and really need ) more than 24 hours per day. I do not complain, I just try to be a lil’ bit realistic. Routine activities will make you miss your times, but it will train you to be ‘a good manager’ in the same time, that’s to manage your time efficiently in doing many things and to prioritize your responsibilities. Honestly, October has gone too fast, and I have to be ready for the other new month, that is November. By the time I’m typing my blog, it’s already November 12th.

But one thing for sure, I didn’t leave my activity to read any kind of articles, including the blogwalking activities. I do believe that we have to replenish our brain with the brand new thing in every way that we can do. My way isn’t really far away from reading, music, and internet access. Thanks to my baby Ultra, it has been one of my greatest partners since few months ago, and I have to admit that it’s really useful and very helpful. Every time I got a ( little ) free time, I kept read articles, books, and blogwalking with my baby Ultra. And thanks to Mister Time, I can fill my blog with the new article, finally! 🙂

And today, I want to share one of my routine activities that I have felt in love with since I was a kid. It’s called as swimming 🙂

I’m not such a sports lover who will train her body every time. I do not do any kind of things that relate to diet. I like to sleep (for hours 😛). I like to eat as healthy as I can do. I like to lazing (in my own way 😛). But I do believe that human has to keep his body in a good balance, just like yin and yang. I’m not kind of woman who always try hard to have a-very-good-shape-of-body. I am short, I have the curvaceous body, I have chubby cheeks with wide forehead, and people keep say that I’m a petite girl. But I’m happy with it ’cause I only know that “I’m healthy”. That’s all.

There is a belief that said those who was born in the Kalimantan’s island can swim well because the island is surrounded by river. Apart from these belief, I can swim because I joined the course before the riot was happened in my province. It was 1997 or 1998, and when the riot was happened, the swimming pool – that used to be our training center – was turned as the refugee camp for years. And the rest was only stories..

People keep asking about my interest in swimming. In my opinion, swimming is kind of activity that you can work out for your lifetime. No matter how old you are, no matter what is your gender, no matter you have a normal or handicapped body, you can swim. I ever read an article that said swimming is a better method to ease your bad emotion and to feel good. Ever since I moved to Jakarta, I always try to spend my time to swim at Pantai Mutiara Sport Center. It is located in Pluit, North Jakarta, across from The Catholic Church of Stella Maris. It has three pool size; children’s pool with playground, teen’s pool ( 1,3 m ), and adult’s pool ( 2 m ), it has a very good view, it has toilets and shower rooms for men and ladies, it has several canteens, it has locker’s facility, it has swimming course, and it has a wide parking area for motorcycles and cars. How about the fee? It costs for IDR 40.000 ( weekdays ) and IDR 50.000 ( weekend ). 

Enjoy the photos 🙂












2013-03-23 11.36.45


So, keep yourself alive and keep busy in the positive way. This is my way, what’s your way?


Ws 😉

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