meNYEPI di BALI ( 4B )

As I said in my previous blog (click here), I didn’t want stay in the hotel for a long time.

So, I went to Legian street after I took my bath and changed the new battery to my camera. One of my partner-in-crime didn’t join with us ’cause he felt so tired.

IMHO, being tired isn’t an appropriate reason if you get a chance to go and stay in Bali 😛

And I was so lucky because I can saw one of the biggest event in Bali.

It was Ogoh-Ogoh.

Enjoy the photos 🙂

100_2036 100_2038 100_2040 100_2041 100_2042 100_2043 100_2045 100_2048 100_2050 100_2052 100_2053 100_2054 100_2058 100_2065 100_2071 100_2073 100_2087 100_2096 100_2100 100_2101 100_2103 100_2107 100_2112 100_2116 100_2121

The winner of this event will represent Bali in the national or international events.

Become the winner will increase the pride of the winner’s village. 

Also, I spent my time to take another photos in The Bali Bombing Memorial or Ground Zero Monument.

Dear victims, Requiescat In Pace. Amen.

legian (1) legian (2)

I also found an interesting thing at there 😀

Ray Charles was my choice


Morning at Legian, taken by one of my partner-in-crime



Ws 😉


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